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Harlequin Launches ‘Little Treasures’



Harlequin – at the forefront of home interior design – has launched ‘Little Treasures.’  This exciting new range is a playful collection of stunning fabrics and wallcoverings aimed at children of all ages.

If you’re looking to re-design your kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, the Book of Little Treasures will bring your walls, cushions and throws to life.

The range features 36 fabrics and 33 wallcoverings. Each one is uniquely designed to act like a character or chapter of a favourite book and fire the imaginations of our little ones.



Marine image featuring a whale, fishing boat and rainbow.
'Balancing Act' - a new fabric and wallcovering by Harlequin, featuring dancers, ballerinas and gymnasts.
Fabric and wallpaper for kids featuring a dinosaur pattern

Fire the imaginations of your children with Little Treasures

Little Treasures is all about bringing imaginations to life and having fun.  Your kids’ room can tell a story or start and adventure.  They can be flying high in starlit skies, dancing in sparkly shoes or exploring the depths of a tropical jungle.  The wall surfaces, cushions, blankets and throws literally become part of the story.

Here are some of our favourites from the new range:


Balancing Act

If you have budding ballerinas, dancers or gymnasts in the family, Balancing Act’ could be the perfect theme for their bedroom.

Available in a Blossom/Raspberry/Grape colourway, this bright, bold design is available as both a fabric and wallcovering and will inspire your little ones to pirouette, leap and twirl to their new routines.

Jolly Jurassic

If your kids have grown up watching Peppa Pig, the chances are they’re obsessed with dinosaurs, just like Peppa’s brother, George!

These hand-drawn dinosaurs, cuter than the real thing, will have your children pretending they’ve gone back to prehistoric times.

Available in both fabric and wallcovering books, Jolly Jurassic comes in a Aqua/Tangerine/Apple/Neutral colourway.

Above and Below

‘Above and Below’ has been designed for the intrepid explorers in the household.  This vibrant design transforms a full wall into a seafarer’s paradise.  Deep-sea divers search for hidden treasure, swimming alongside whales and rays.


This bold wallcovering is designed to complement other ranges from the Little Treasures collection.  It works particularly well with Bon Bon, Helter Skelter Stripe or Carnival Stripe.  In addition, it comes in a bold Marine Life colourway. 



What A Hoot

This quirky pattern features endearing owls, perched in their trees, surrounded by other feathered friends.


Available as both a fabric and a wallcovering, ‘What A Hoot‘ is sure to have your kids hooting like an owl!


Available in a Pink/Aquamarine/Lime/ Natural colourway



'Above and Below' wallcovering shows a stunning seascape mural to entertain children
Harlequin wallcovering featuring pretty, hand drawn owls


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