About Us

Mirmac Shutters and Blinds is a family run business, established more than 20 years ago.  We combine our passion for interior furnishings and creative design, with great customer service, integrity and reliability. 

 Our Story

Our story begins with Mike, our founder.   Mike has worked in the interior furnishings industry for more than 40 years.  Before founding Mirmac, Mike was Head of Production at Laura Ashley.  His duties included managing a team of 300 of the best seamstresses in the textile business, overseeing manufacturing and production runs, and managing quality control.

With this great experience behind him, Mike wanted to follow his dream and set up his own business, where he could work directly with customers.  We’re often asked what Mirmac stands for.  Mike took his initial, and that of his sons, Ian and Rob, then combined it with the family surname. Although Mike will tell you he always knew, it was just as well that Ian and Rob would follow their dad to make it a family business.


Our Team


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