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Pirouette® Shades


Luxaflex Pirouette® Shades provide soft, curved linear fabric vanes attached to a translucent, soft backing for an enhanced way of controlling light and privacy.

As the name suggests, the vanes, slowly rotate and change shape, appearing to float within the window, allowing light to diffuse gently into the room, emitting a warm glow.

Pirouette® Shades is another ingenious design which makes a dramatic design statement, whilst providing comfort and privacy in your home.




Pirouette® Shades is available in a wide range of luxury finishes.  Inspired by the finest natural silks and linens, there’s a multitude of texture and colour combinations to bring opulence and refinement to your room.


The PowerView® motorised system is the perfect partner for Pirouette® Shades.  Use the intuitive Pebble remote, or synchronise with the PowerView® app and control Pirouette® with your smart devices.

Arrange an appointment at our showroom for a full demonstration.  


We offer free design consultations in the comfort of your own home, or at our well stocked Cheshire showroom.

Once you’ve made your choice, your blinds are made bespoke, to order.

Then, we arrange a convenient time to come and install them in your home.

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